R/O Systems

R/O Systems

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis systems produce high quality water from municipal water systems.

While ordinary filters use a screen to separate particles from water streams, a reverse osmosis system uses a semi-permeable membrane to separate a high percentage of dissolved molecules. Only certain types of molecules, like water, can pass through the membrane. Other molecules, like salts, do not pass through the membrane and are left behind. This leaves the water with much lower dissolved solids.

The end result is better tasting water!

Residential Systems start around $395.00 and includes normal installation.


This is a high quality compact unit that fits under the sink self contained. The unit includes the faucet, the storage tank and the main unit. In most cases the unit can be installed quickly and without any major plumbing changes. This unit produces up to 50 gallons per day and meets the needs of most families.

This same unit can be placed in the house on a rental program for those families that prefer a low cost option. In addition to the cost of the rental there is a one time installation fee and a requirement to purchase a leak detector. The normal monthly rental is $30.00 and includes the periodic maintenance required on the units.

R/O units need to have their filters changed every six to nine months in order to operate at peak performance, this is included in the rental fee as well as all mainenance on the unit. 

Commercial Systems

Motorized units start at $599.00

Standard Features:
Thin film composite membrane
Stainless steel membrane vessel
Powder-coated steel frame
Liquid-filled system pressure gauge
Inlet/Outlet pre-filter gauges
Fixed waste/recycle flow controls, stainless steel
High-pressure nylon tubing
High-pressure brass comp. fittings
Storage tank pressure switch
Feed water inlet solenoid valve
Feed water low pressure switch
1/2 hp motor (150-450 gpd)
3/4 hp motor (800 gpd)
10″ 5 micron sediment pre-filter (1)
10″ carbon block pre-filters (2)
110 volt-50/60hz

System size is determined by your company’s particular needs. Please contact us at our office to get an estimate to meet your water needs.

For more information call us at the office at 432-445-3306 or you can email us at Patrick@waterworkspecos.com